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Not Able To Use A Credit Card To Pay Us?

Dear Potential Purchaser,

We are aware that there are many potential purchasers who want to buy our products but are unable due to their countries being on USA's Sanctions blacklist.

Our Products Retailers, due to USA Sanctions, are not allowed do business with citizens and businesses of blacklisted countries.

We now have an alternative payment method for our potential clients in affected countries.

BUT, before you consider your country blacklisted for Credit Card transactions, please be aware of the following (even if you are not in an affected country e.g. USA, UK, South Africa etc):

  1. Enter your credit card information in the order form exactly as on the card;
  2. Enter the correct CV number (check the back of your credit card) or contact the issuing bank if not sure.
  3. Enter the correct ZIP/Postal Code (check with your bank if you are not sure)
  4. You cannot use a credit card issued in one country whilst in another country (e.g. if your credit card was issued in London (UK), you cannot make the purchase whilst in New York City (USA) using the same credit card). This is to protect consumers from internet credit card fraud.

If you've taken care of the above but still experience problems, your country is most probably on our Products Retailer's blacklist (for credit card transactions).

In that case one of the two methods below should work for you:


This service works just like Paypal, EXCERPT it's much better!

This service covers almost ALL countries in the world. What's even better is that you can SEND or RECEIVE money in almost ANY CURRENCY you choose!

It even gets better - you don't have to be a registered member of MoneyBookers to be able to send us money!

We recommend that you register as a member if you stay in a Blacklisted country and you make purchases from time to time over the internet.

Here are the steps to follow if you want to make a purchase via MoneyBookers (Skrill):

  1. Send us an Email at with the following SUBJECT line:
    "MoneyBookers (Skrill) Purchase - TYPE NAME OF PRODUCT YOU WANT TO PURCHASE HERE"
    [e.g. "MoneyBookers (Skrill) Purchase - Due Diligence Manual"]
  2. We will send an Email to MoneyBookers (Skrill) requesting a payment from you for the purchase of the Product you want to buy.
  3. MoneyBooker will contact you with all the relevant information
  4. You pay and MoneyBookers (Skrill) contacts us to inform us that you have made your payment
  5. We create your Login details to the Product website you have purchased and send you an email with your Username and Password
  6. DONE!
[PLEASE NOTE: The email address we use on the MoneyBookers website is different from the one given above]


We hope that MoneyBookers (Skrill) works for everyone, BUT if MoneyBookers doesn't work for you, then send an email to with the following SUBJECT line:
"Direct Money Transfer - TYPE PRODUCT NAME HERE"

(Please mention the country where you were located when you were trying to make the purchase)

Kind Regards,

1st Analyst Information Services Team

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